Diary of a “may be one day” Fit Chick! Part 3
So today I ate fruit, actual fruit! Not the kind soaked in booze but actual real, live fruit.  The kind that sits in a bowl and only ever gets a passing glance between 1st December and 2nd January.  It was actually ok, I was going to say quite nice but that would be too big › Read more
Diary of a “may be one day” Fit Chick! Part 2
It’s been a few weeks (4 to be exact, I know, I’m sorry!) since I last wrote.  I’d love to tell you I was a saint over Christmas, that I refused all mince pies, only ate vegetables that had been steamed and didn’t drink any prosecco,  but no! The true fact of the matter is › Read more
Diary of a “may be one day” Fit Chick!
I’m not really sure where to start….maybe I should start with the end, or at least the intended end – isn’t that how “trending” books read? With the end? A bit like Reservoir Dogs but that was rubbish too!!! So here goes….the end of this book will finish with the following: This is me, officially › Read more
Has Christmas left you with little energy? Tighter clothes? Feeling fed up?
Then come and see us at Gym & Slim! We will make all the difference. Exercise gives so many benefits and Gym & Slim lets you achieve this in a great, relaxed atmosphere.  Make friends, have fun all whilst exercising! › Read more