We are a long established and successful ladies only gym based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.  We are looking for not only a traditional Gym Manager to join our team, but someone who can help us drive the business to the next level.  This is an exciting, new opportunity to define the future of the › Read more
Diary of a “may be one day” Fit Chick! Part 3
So today I ate fruit, actual fruit! Not the kind soaked in booze but actual real, live fruit.  The kind that sits in a bowl and only ever gets a passing glance between 1st December and 2nd January.  It was actually ok, I was going to say quite nice but that would be too big › Read more
Diary of a “may be one day” Fit Chick! Part 2
It’s been a few weeks (4 to be exact, I know, I’m sorry!) since I last wrote.  I’d love to tell you I was a saint over Christmas, that I refused all mince pies, only ate vegetables that had been steamed and didn’t drink any prosecco,  but no! The true fact of the matter is › Read more
Diary of a “may be one day” Fit Chick!
I’m not really sure where to start….maybe I should start with the end, or at least the intended end – isn’t that how “trending” books read? With the end? A bit like Reservoir Dogs but that was rubbish too!!! So here goes….the end of this book will finish with the following: This is me, officially › Read more
Has Christmas left you with little energy? Tighter clothes? Feeling fed up?
Then come and see us at Gym & Slim! We will make all the difference. Exercise gives so many benefits and Gym & Slim lets you achieve this in a great, relaxed atmosphere.  Make friends, have fun all whilst exercising! › Read more