What will Gym & Slim do for me?

The main benefit ladies enjoy is inch loss.  However, some of the many other benefits are increased energy levels, increased mobility, flexibility, circulation and posture.  You will soon be feeling great and have made some new friends along the way.

I’ve been suffering from stress recently and my GP thinks exercise will help, will it?

Exercise triggers the brain to release endorphins – these act like morphine and are therefore a pain killer, it also boosts chemicals in the brain which naturally make you feel more positive and can lift your mood.

How easy are the machines to use?

All of the equipment at Gym & Slim is really easy to use, there’s no heavy, clunking weight, pounding treadmills or killer classes! Just a nice & easy workout.

I have a few medical problems, will Gym & Slim help?

Gym & Slim is all low impact exercise therefore it is designed to strengthen the muscles and the bones but won’t harm the joints.  Exercise is proven to improve dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis as well as so many other health problems.

I’ve joined gyms before and never stick to it, will I be tied to Gym & Slim?

Gym & Slim has a higher membership retention than most gyms thanks to its 30 minute nature as well as the atmosphere.  However, we do recognise that for some people being bound to a 12 month contract can be off putting.  At Gym & Slim there are no contracts, you can cancel at anytime without incurring a penalty.

Is it expensive?

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our fee’s, membership can cost as little as 73p per day (based on off peak annual subscription).  Take a look at our fee’s within the “Join Gym & Slim” page, and remember there’s no contract.

Am I too young/too old to join?

No, never! We have members from 16 – 85, all are welcome.

I used to be a member, can I come back?

Of course you can!  We charge a small initial joining fee for new members but this gives you lifetime membership, therefore we don’t charge a joining fee for ex-members.

I’d like to come everyday, am I allowed to do this?

Gym & Slim is open 7 days a week and with your membership you can come as often as you wish.  We recommend that ladies come 3 times per week and that’s all you really need to come but if you do want to come more often that’s not a problem.