I joined the gym in September 2008, just after retiring, it was one of the best decisions I have made.  The staff are very friendly and welcoming, I felt comfortable from the start even though I know no one.  I have made some excellent friends and thoroughly enjoy my time there.  I have an individual programme attuned to my needs which is regularly reviewed, and I always feel good when I have finished my workout.

Pam M (810)

From the moment I walk in the gym, I get the feel-good factor! Good exercise, in a friendly relaxing atmosphere, I always feel better when I work out!

Margaret H (636)

“I have just started back at Gym & Slim and its GREAT!  I’m so glad I came back, I took a break to have my kids, and to be honest I lost the way a bit.  The team at the gym are fantastic, so supportive & kind.  They give you lots of advice and motivation in order for you to reach your goal.  I’ve only been back 4 weeks and already the weight is coming off me.  Its a big thanks to all of the team at Gym & Slim for their great support. Oh and Kim is ace!”


“I have been going to Gym & slim for almost 10 years. Not only is it a great place to keep fit and active, it is also a great place to start new friendships and a great place for laughter. Just a really great place!”

Mary Lamming

“Since joining Gym & Slim 6 months ago I have lost over 1 stone, dropped a dress size, stopped feeling achy, my BMI has reduced and my blood pressure has dropped significantly so I now don’t need to be prescribed tablets.

All of the staff are really friendly and are there to help you reach your goals with an individual exercise programme and diet tips!

A big thank you for all your help as I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Melanie H