Eve Dobson


I actually joined Gym & Slim as a member, I was getting married and really wanted to step up my fitness regime. I loved the concept – a full body workout in 30 minutes in a relaxed & fun environment – wow it was perfect!

I could also see how much more the gym could offer. I quickly put in place a more structured approach to the gym floor; regular programme reviews, fitness assessments, 1 to 1 tuition for anyone that needed it (whether a new lady or just someone struggling to get to grips with the machines). I introduced a weight loss programme, an extensive cardio area, coffee area, regular social events and started raising money for various charities.

My vision was clear – I wanted to create a safe & fun environment for ladies to workout.  I wanted to create a community within a community, somewhere that truly cared about ladies wellbeing and where ladies feel they can belong. Over time we have achieved this and so much more.  I’m very proud to be the owner of such a great gym!


Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer

I’m really excited about being part of the team here at Gym & Slim. Before I lived in Sutton Coldfield I worked at Shapers; a toning tables studio where I enjoyed helping ladies to lose inches, gain strength, flexibility and confidence. I am glad to be back in the fitness environment again and hope that I can make exercise and fitness fun and enjoyable. Since joining the team here I have realised how important it is to make exercise a part of your life, whatever your age. I therefore decided to become a qualified Personal Trainer to enable me to further my exercise knowledge.


I have worked at Gym & Slim since 2013. It’s a very enjoyable and rewarding job; helping  women of all ages and ability to maintain and improve their health & fitness. We’re not only a gym, we’re a friendly, sociable meeting place where ladies can stay after a workout and have a coffee and a chat


Admin Manager

I’m Eve’s Mum! She’s made lots of changes to the gym since taking over in 2007. We now have a gym where ladies not only exercise but have fun as well. I love my Fridays here!


Gym Instructor

I have worked at Gym & Slim for 10 years now and have loved every minute of it. I get great
satisfaction from seeing our ladies reach their goals, we are always there to help and encourage them. It also helps me to keep in shape, we are encouraged to workout and raise our own fitness levels. I hope I will be able to continue giving a good service whilst keeping fit here at Gym & Slim for the forseeable future.


I joined Gym & Slim as a member in 2013. When an opportunity arose to join the team as an Instructor in 2014 I jumped at it. The gym is very welcoming, friendly and informal, whereas larger gyms can appear daunting and intimidating. It is so rewarding to see our ladies increase their fitness levels, tone up and feel better about themselves. Gym & Slim is such a great place to work and workout, we’re like one big happy family!


Gym Instructor

I joined Gym & Slim as a member many years ago. The 1 to 1 approach from the staff helped me overcome low self esteem, boosting my desire to become fit and lose weight. I became part of a fantastic team of staff a few years later. I enjoy helping ladies achieve many different goals at the gym by setting realistic targets and creating a positive atmosphere. Listening and getting to know them with a few giggles along the way is part of the journey.


Gym Instructor

I am the newest member of the team. I have been a fitness fanatic for many years and have worked in the inch loss and well being industry. So along with a passion for nutrition, I feel I bring these skills to Gym & Slim. As well as a Gym instructor I am also the Herbalife representative here. Personally Herbalife products have really helped me. My mum, has been a member here for years and told me what a friendly crowd there is, she was quite right!