• The Gym & Slim weight loss plan (WLP) is a tried and tested method of losing all excess fat permanently by increasing your metabolic rate.
  • Unlike normal diets that rely on counting calories and starving the body into submission, the WLP is a unique “eat & grow slim programme”.
  • You are encouraged to eat regularly and to eat the kind of nutrition dense foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, the special ingredients that will raise your metabolic rate.
  • By following the WLP you will never be hungry and you will receive a great boost to your energy level whilst experiencing a steady and continuous weight loss of around half a stone each month.
  • Most exciting of all is how good your figure will look as all weight loss on this programme is fat, with none of the lean tissue loss that is common with traditional dieting.
  • Once you achieve your target weight, staying slim couldn’t be more simple.  With a more efficient metabolism you will be able to carry on eating well without regaining any weight.